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Summit County Real Estate

Historic Summit County Map
Population:  28,167*
Established: 1861
The vast majority of Summit County residents live where they choose: outside the confines of sidewalks, neatly spaced blocks, or fence lines. These loosely defined neighborhoods include tundra, tarns and timbers. Some have chosen the heavily treed nests in Peak 7 outside of Breckenridge. Others have found the high-alpine wilds above 11,000  on Hoosier Pass to be their preference. Many have found the sunny, family neighborhoods of Summit Cove or Dillon Valley to be their home, while few have discovered the quirky appeal of Montezuma or the cowboy sage of Heeney. Whatever your ideal mountain may be, it exists in Summit County.


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Breckenridge Depot

Breckenridge Depot

Population:  4,589*
Elevation: 9,603 ft.
Established: 1859
Breckenridge is home to the county’s largest historic district. The Victorian architecture on Main Street is an elegant offset to the hand‑hewn, log structures that dot the town’s side streets. Breckenridge boasts myriad choices of elegant restaurants, lively nightclubs and inviting cafes. Main Street shopping features pedestrian-friendly storefronts, which weave from the Arts District on Ridge Street through the side blocks off Main Street, to the meandering storefronts along the Riverwalk. The “Kingdom of Breckenridge” is a highlight of the high country.


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Three Peaks Real Estate Buffalo Mountain Silverthorne

Three Peaks Buffalo Mountain Silverthorne

Population:  3.931*
Elevation: 8,727 ft.
Established: 1963
Silverthorne is Summit County’s gateway and fastest growing community. At a youthful 40-something, Silverthorne is maturing into a mountain town of its own design. With the treasured Blue River running through its core, Silverthorne utilizes this asset as a fisherman’s dream. With its proximity to the interstate, the Factory Stores have flourished into an industry of their own, and with the town’s linear contour to the valley floor, the Raven Golf Course at Three Peaks is a premier mountain golf experience.


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Keystone and Snake River

Keystone and Snake River

Population:  935* (unincorporated)
Elevation: 9,320 ft.
Resort Established:  1970
A resort community located in unincorporated Summit County, Keystone has evolved into a vibrant year-round resort. With the villages of River Run and Lakeside the resort offers everything from spas to ice skating, from high-octane mountain biking to serene paddle boating. With several of Colorado’s highest‑rated restaurants, one of the largest conference centers in the Rockies and exceptional lodging, Keystone is one of the most complete mountain resorts in the state.


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Lake Dillon and Dillon Marina

Lake Dillon and Dillon Marina

Population:  906*
Elevation: 9,156 ft.
Established: 1883
Dillon is most known for its nomadic (and aquatic) history. During its 100-year history, Dillon has relocated itself three times—buildings and all! Dillon was established as the trading hub of the county situating itself at the confluence of the Blue, Tenmile and Snake Rivers. After several years on the “wrong side of the river” the town fathers found that it would be better to move to the north side of the confluence to better serve the increased traffic from the train lines and pack trails. Its most recent move was necessitated by the construction of the reservoir. The town of Dillon now sits above and on the shores of the new hub of the county, which bears homage to its namesake: Dillon Reservoir.


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Population:  2713*
Elevation: 9,100 ft.
Established: 1873
Frisco has the distinction of being a vibrant, independent community and not being dominated by any individual resort. The county’s largest in-town residential areas are in Frisco, most of which are within walking distance of downtown. Main Street in Frisco is a clear representation of its past in the Historic Park, as well as its future with the Marina. A very livable town, Frisco offers the area’s largest Nordic center as well as quick access to Copper Mountain.


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Copper Mountain Ski Resort

Copper Mountain Ski Resort

Population:  641* (unincorporated)
Elevation: 9,711
Resort Established:  1972
In recent years a Renaissance has taken place at Copper. It has transformed itself from simply a skier’s mountain to a complete year-round resort where one finds all the comforts of home, whether ripping 2,601 ft. of vertical in February or stalking trout in gold medal waters in August. New shops and restaurants have rounded out the Village at Copper experience.

Blue River

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Elevation: 10,020
Population: 862
Blue River is a forested residential town a few miles south of Breckenridge on the way to Hoosier Pass.


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Elevation: 10,335
Population: 66
While Montezuma lies just 6 miles southeast of Keystone, in many ways it is a world away. The few structures of Montezuma reveal it roots in the 1880s mining boom.


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Elevation: 7,780
Population: 76*  (unincorporated)
Heeney is a remote community on the shores of Green Mountain Reservoir. Heeney is near the county’s lowest point, 7,947—a full 6,323 feet lower that the highest point atop Grays Peak at 14,270.

*Populations are estimates based on 2010 census data.

Skiing & Riding in Summit County, Colorado


Established in 1970 Keystone is the largest of the county’s resorts. Keystone became home to Summit County’s first gondola in 1984 and added a second in 1990. The resort is also Colorado’s largest night ski destination. Keystone Resort comprises three incredible and unique mountains – Dercum Mountain, North Peak and The Outback. The mountains of Keystone offer some of the best terrain Colorado has to offer:  steeps, bowls, bumps, glades, rails, hits, lights – you name it, Keystone has it.


In 1961 the ski hill opened with the humble title: Peak 8 Ski Area. Little did the town realize that merely twenty years later Breckenridge Ski Resort would become an international powerhouse of skiing. Breckenridge’s layout now features terrain on four mountains – Peaks 7, 8, 9 and 10. Each peak reveals its own character ranging from the family cruisers of Peak 9, to the bowls on 7, to the glades of 10, to the extreme altitudes and steeps of Peak 8 served by the highest lift in North America.


Copper Mountain entered the field as Summit County’s youngest resort in 1972. Copper was designed with pure alpine sport in mind and is still known as a true skier’s mountain. World-class special events and unique daily programming energize the Village in both the winter and summer. From fine dining to mountain biking, incredible concerts to mini golf -the Village’s mission is to attract and entertain in the spectacular setting that is Copper.

Arapahoe Basin

“The Legend,” what more can one say? In December 1946 Arapahoe Basin opened for its inaugural season with a single rope tow and a $1.25 daily lift ticket. While A-Basin has always been known for its legendary above-timberline extremes, recent years have seen the maturation of its gentler terrain. Despite recent improvements to lifts and base area additions, Arapahoe Basin maintains it raw character as the pioneer of Summit County ski areas. At a spirited sixty years young, A-Basin never grows old.